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We  breed Genuine Australian Labradoodles. 

Summer Puppies! 

 Reservations open now for summer puppies! 

    Email for more information: 


See Puppies page for 

Current Litters!

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Sawyer is available to a local

   Guardian Home!     

He will be a small medium size dog 30lbs +/-    See Puppies Page for more information

                                     on Sawyer.                                                                        

           We have future breeding puppies available to

Guardian Homes in 2022!

 Possible colors: Cream, apricot, caramel, red, chocolate and parti!

email: luckydoglabradoodles@yahoo.com for more information!


   Guardian dogs will become part of our breeding program, but live with their Guardian (forever) family. Must own your own home, with in 1 hour of us and have a fully fenced in yard (no exceptions). If some one is home at least part of the day and a Guardian Puppy sounds like a match to your family and lifestyle, please contct us at:

LuckyDogLabradoodles@yahoo.com for more detailed information.


We are a small in-home breeder of

Australian Multigeneration Labradoodles.


 We strive to produce:



Australian Labradoodle puppies with friendly temperaments!


Our parent dogs are loving members of our family or a Guardian family. They live pampered lives, as they should. There are NEVER any kennels used in our breeding program.

The puppies are raised right inside our home as a part of our family. They receive as much care, love, and attention as our own dogs. They are socialized with adults, children and our family dogs. All pups receive proper veterinary care and are up to date on all of their vaccinations.

We do Health Testing on all of our breeding dogs.


Why an Australian Labradoodle?

Bring an Australian Labradoodle into your family and you'll have a loyal and dependable friend for life. The Australian Labradoodle is also the perfect choice for families with pet allergies, as these dogs are known for being non-shedding and allergy friendly. Choose an Australian Labradoodle raised in a loving environment, who is well socialized, up-to-date on vaccinations and comes from health tested parents.

Australian Labradoodles are:


*Great with children

*Loyal and eager to please

*Friendly and social

*Calm, loving companions

*Easy to train

*Many Australian Labradoodles are trained 

Therapy Dogs or Service Dogs      





Congratulations to Jasmine, one of our pups, for

becoming a

Certified Therapy Dog!


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